What to look at in a shirt to be comfy?
What to look at in a shirt to be comfy?

Fabrics- These days one of the most comfortable materials for a t-shirt is cotton. Cotton allows the skin to breathe freely and causes sweat to dry out smoothly.

Neck types– The three most popular types of neck with modern-day t-shirts are crew, v-neck, and  necks. Within those types of collars, you will find necks with different lengths and depths, as well as variations on the style, such as the rounded v-neck.

Arm Length– When you are shopping, make sure you pay attention to the length of the arm in any styles that you are interested in. Think about shirts that you own that have a length that you feel comfortable in. The arm length can make quite a difference in how much you like or dislike a particular style.

Length -Another significant thing to watch out for is the length of the design. If you are short-waisted, you will want to avoid the longer styles unless you prefer a tunic look to your tee. Or if you have a long waist or like to cover your behind, you will prefer those designs with a longer length. Most brands will list where the t-shirt falls in the description of the product.

Thickness– One of the hardest things to get right when shopping for that perfect tee is finding one that has the right thickness of fabric. Over the last ten years or so the style has been for the thinner, semi-sheer options that aren’t all that durable and won’t last very long. There does seem to be a shift back towards the more thick fabrics lately. While It is nice to have a shirt that isn’t see-through, you don’t want to end up with material so thick that it is uncomfortable in hot weather.

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